What can I say about Ross and my experience learning to drive with him?


A few words instantly spring to mind; fun, relaxed, easy and informative.


Being 28 and having had my L's since i was 16 but never actually taking the plunge and learning to drive - I was a bag of nerves at the wheel!  Luckily, with Ross by my side in the passenger seat, I always felt confident and comfortable every single lesson.


I cannot thank him enough for helping me get proficient enough to get my P's; especially with tackling the once dreaded reverse parallel park.


I highly recommend him, not only for his vast experience and easy to understand direction but for his ability to make you feel at ease and have a laugh at the same time.

Amanda Grifsas

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Ross as he became my instructor. I had contacted him for a 6 session driving class to get me ready to pass my P Plate test.

Given I had never driven before, Ross took his time in explaining everything, going through what I needed to learn and spend the time needed on things that I had to work on.  

In those 6 lessons I found Ross not only to be easy to be around, understanding to my needs, but also a very calm, happy person to enjoy my classes with.  I was always relaxed and always found Ross was patient to wait with each instruction until I was happy with the progress. 

When I completed my 6 lessons, with his consent knowing that I was ready to pass, I went for my test, using his car and passed.  

I was so pleased and Ross was pleased too that I had listened and used his guidance.  


Now that I am driving, I am learning and gaining so much more experience on the road each and every day and it is all thanks to Ross helping me get to this stage. 


I now have my eldest child that has just turned 16 and feel confident knowing that when I hire Ross to help him drive, he will also put in as much care and understanding teaching him and keeping him just as safe while learning. 


I highly recommend Ross and his driving school for all your needs. Not only will you get results if you pay attention and listen, but the duty of care and friendship is also a bonus too. 


Happy Driving everyone, I know I am :) 


Kindest regards

Kristy Wakefield

I can't thank Ross enough for all his help and support with getting my licence. 


I honestly couldn't have done it without him.  His jokes and his sense of humour always make you feel better and helps you with nerves.


The way he teaches is great and is very successful when going for your licence. I highly recommend him!!!


Best regards

Rebecca McMurtrie